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Reasons to Join

Your membership with IEC Oregon is a great way to grow your business and remain competitive with our excellent membership benefits.

Saving you money

We’ve partnered with both local and national businesses to help you cut costs on the insurance, products, and services to save you money. Take a look at our exclusive member discounts here

Advocating for you and your business

IEC has been the voice of the merit shop for over sixty years. We advocate for the merit shop on a local, state, and national level, making sure that we are there to weigh in on any new legislative or regulatory measures that may impact our members. This includes working with the Department of Labor on a state and national level to make sure that any apprenticeship rules and standards apply fairly to merit shop contractors. We take a stand against anti-competitive project labor agreements that put a halt to fair, competitive bidding on public projects. We fight to make sure that these regulations are fair, safe, and do not place undo and unnecessary burden on contractors. To learn more, click here.

Training the Next Generation and Developing Careers

IEC Oregon is active in the recruitment and training of hundreds of electrical and limited energy apprentices. IEC National is actively involved in the development of nationally certified curriculum. We offer a number of workforce solutions including our employment application service which provides members access to resumes submitted by licensed technicians.

Developing your Business

Connect with other industry professionals as a part of the largest association of its kind. Attend annual conference and trade shows, educational seminars, wire-off competition, industry-related committees to develop your skills as an industry professional.

Participate in National Forums. IEC National facilitates the formation of groups of contractors in different regions that do not compete to discuss and share best practices to operate more profitably.

Promoting High Standards in the Electrical Industry

Our national Codes & Standards Committee has a direct impact on shaping the standards for the electrical industry. IEC National has a representative that sits on every code panel. We have two members that sit on each of the nineteen panels of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) 70 National Electrical Code (NEC,) and we work closely with the International Association of Electrical Inspectors and the National Electrical Manufacturers Association to make sure that there is a voice advocating for the industry and for the merit shop. To learn more about the code making process and IEC’s involvement, click here.


When you join IEC, not only do you have access to great discounts, networking events, and more, you’re also supporting the merit-shop and the continued success of the electrical industry.

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Contact Cindy Regier for more information about the benefits of membership.  

cindy@iecoregon.org  or (503) 598-7789