Our Mission

The Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon exist to strengthen the competitive environment for the state’s independent electrical contractors. We do it by:

Developing a creative, professional workforce

Our apprentice programs turn out competent, intelligent and effective journeyman year after year. We not only train them; we’re there to support them throughout their career by offering the continuing education classes needed to remain competitive and licensed.

Advocating within local and state government

We work hard to make sure that the laws and regulations put into effect on a state and local level are informed by the voices of the very people they will affect: you and your business.

Promoting safe, ethical, and profitable business practices

We make sure that our membership has the most up to date information on the current industry safety practices and regulations. From worker’s compensation to new OSHA laws, we work hard to make sure you’re informed.

Providing industry leadership

We’re here to represent the industry in development of the National Electrical Code, National Electrical Safety Code, NEMA, UL, and NECA. We’re at the committee meetings with OSHA, MSHA, and other federal agencies regulating workplace safety, advocating for the industry and your companies.