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Referred To Test Apprentices Only - "BCD License Search" 

If you are a referred to test apprentice and have recently taken your state exam you can check on the Building Code Divisions website to see if your posted with with a license #. Once you are posted on BCD please email the apprenticeship department that you have passed your state exam. Once you have received the letter from BCD in the mail stating your score you are required to provide a copy of that letter by emailing a copy to the apprenticeship department in order to be completed from the program at the next JATC Committee Meeting. 

Average Journeyman Wage - 2018/2019 Wage Scale

effective June 1, 2018 - May 31, 2019

LE Class A = $30.50 1st term apprentices start at $15.25

LE Class B = $27.35 1st term apprentices start at $14.15

Approved training agents have agreed to pay the apprentice a minimum wage according to the average journeyman wage scale as established by this committee and approved by the Director of Apprenticeship of the Bureau of Labor and Industries. (See ORS 660.142)




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