Training Agent Info

Becoming a training agent involves several steps: First, there is an approval of all required documents and application material. Then the applicant undergoes a site-review; a physical inspection of the contractor's place of business and equipment. Upon submittal of all paperwork and completion of a site-review, the applicant is required to attend the next JATC meeting to become approved as a new training agent. Call IEC of Oregon at (503) 598-7789 or email  Call IEC Oregon at 503-598-7789 or email to request a training agent application packet.

How to become a Training Agent

  • Must be in business operating as an electrical contractor for a minimum of 1 year
  • Be able to meet ratio requirements for training apprentices
  • Complete the Area II JATC's application to train
  • Meet the requirements of a site review
  • Pay $250.00 non-refundable application fee

Training Agent Responsibilities

  • Pay apprentices appropriately
  • Inform the Area II Apprenticeship Director of starting and ending dates of employment by filling out the intent to hire form or release form
  • Help Area II JATC meet its affirmative action goals by always providing equal opportunity employment
  • Maintain ratio requirements (see "Ratio")


A training agent must employ the proper ratio of apprentices and journeymen when working a job. The ratio is:

  • 1 journeyworker : 1 apprentice
  • 2 journeyworkers : 2 apprentices
  • 4 journeyworkers : 3-4 apprentices
  • 7 journeyworkers : 5-6 apprentices
  • 10 jouneyworkers : 7-8 aprentices


CLICK HERE for the full ratio chart and CLICK HERE for Training Agent documents