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The Voice of the Industry

Independent Electrical Contractors of Oregon is the sole voice of Oregon's merit-shop electrical contractor. With members of expertise in all aspects of the electrical construction industry.  We are diverse and offer something for just about any firm engaged in electrical construction, whether it is before the Oregon Legislature, United State's Congress, the Electric and Elevator Board, Oregon State Apprenticeship and Training Council, local building officials, or any of the other many agencies that govern practices in our industry, IEC is your voice and source of information. We fight to make sure that regulations are fair and safe and do not place unnecessary burdens on contractors.


While training our industry's future workers is a major priority of IEC Oregon, the learning process for today's electrical contractor is a lifelong commitment. IEC Oregon offers more state-approved continuing education classes than anyone in the electrical industry. We offer code change classes, code related instruction, safety training, business education courses, and have recently added the on-line IEC University track of courses - all of which the state recognizes for continuing education units. IEC Oregon is one of the few groups who offers code classes for holders of limited and restricted energy electrical licenses. Our goal is to ensure that our member contractors stay at the top of their game by always being the leaders in the electrical industry.


Hundreds of apprentices are currently being trained in Oregon under IEC's apprenticeship curriculum. A nationally approved and recognized program, it is updated annually to ensure the needs of our industry are being met and that we are always improving. The IEC curriculum is used in 36 states, and is currently training more than 10,000 apprentices.

Group Purchasing Power

IEC Oregon has teamed up to provide members a variety of opportunities to save money and add value to their business. Learn more about how IEC Oregon's group discounted purchasing plans can save your business thousands of dollars viewing our Group Programs section.


While other groups in the construction industry talk about safety, IEC Oregon is providing contractors the tools to practice it. Safety in the electrical industry is not just a manual that sits on a dusty shelf. It is something that requires a commitment from the top and must be practiced daily - or people die. IEC Oregon offers a variety of safety classes for contractors of all shapes and sizes. From developing your initial safety policy to OSHA certification courses, IEC Oregon is at the forefront of providing contractors the tools to ensure safety is more than just a buzzword in the electrical construction industry.



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